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Διαγραφή dir με subdir και αρχεία σε Linux

εάν θες να σβήσεις ένα dir που έχει πολλά subdir γεμάτα αρχεία και χωρίς promp πρέπει να δώσεις :

rm -rf <dir name>


Παραθέτω όλη την εντολή rm


rm – remove files or directories




This manual page documents the GNU version of rm. rm removes each specified file. By default, it does not remove directories. If a file is unwritable, the standard input is a tty, and the -f or –force option is not given, rm prompts the user for whether to remove the file. If the response does not begin with `y' or `Y', the file is skipped.


Remove (unlink) the FILE(s).

-d, –directory unlink FILE, even if it is a non-empty directory (super-user only) -f, –force ignore nonexistent files, never prompt -i, –interactive prompt before any removal -r, -R, –recursive remove the contents of directories recursively -v, –verbose explain what is being done –help display this help and exit –version output version information and exit

To remove a file whose name starts with a `-', for example `-foo', use one of these commands:

rm — -foo
rm ./-foo

Note that if you use rm to remove a file, it is usually possible to recover the contents of that file. If you want more assurance that the contents are truly unrecoverable, consider using shred.